Work With Your Dancing dietitian

The 8 Week Amplified Athlete Program

With more personalized and individualized nutrition coaching, you will work with Your Dancing Dietitian to set short term and long term goals that align with your specific stage of your career and where you strive to be. With consistent video follow up sessions, weekly check is, and unlimited support from Your Dancing Dietitian, you will have all the tools needed to repair negative body image thoughts, regain the self-confidence you deserve, and feel satisfied with the fuel you are providing your body with. 

Group Nutrition Seminars

Provide your students or audience with a one of a kind, specialized opportunity to learn from a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist that specializes in nutrition for athletes and dancers. Seminars can be fully customizable to meet the needs of your dancers/audience. Group nutrition seminars are a great way to keep healthy eating and nutrition on the forefront of dancers training and career. Giving this opportunity to dancers is an opportunity that many don't get! It provides them with another aspect to their dance training.

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