Private Nutrition Coaching

Have you ever wondered what your dance career would be like if you had more energy, more endurance and stamina to push through those long performance days, or more self-confidence?

With more personalized and individualized nutrition coaching, you will work with Your Dancing Dietitian to set short term and long term goals that align with your specific stage of your career and where you strive to be. With consistent video follow up sessions, weekly check is, and unlimited support from Your Dancing Dietitian, you will have all the tools needed to repair negative body image thoughts, regain the self-confidence you deserve, and feel satisfied with the fuel you are providing your body with. 

The 8 week amplified athlete program

What you will gain from the 8 week amplified athlete program

  • A personalized nutrition plan specific to your current dance career path and your goals. 
  • Individualized nutrition recommendations based on your body. These nutrition recommendations will be specific to you and won’t be the same as your friends!
  • Guidance on timing of meals with rehearsals, classes, and performance times for optimal energy and execution. 
  • Meal planning and recipe assistance and guidance. 
  • Virtual follow ups, weekly check ins, and unlimited support from Your Dancing Dietitian during your 8 week program. 
  • The confidence, energy, and outcomes you deserve! 

The 8 week amplified athlete program includes:

  • One (1) initial nutrition coaching session: In our first session, we will dive into your past eating habits, food choices and behaviors, past medical history, training and exercise schedules, and many other aspects that contribute to your overall health. Together, we will create your personalized nutrition plan with specifics ranging from relationships with food to healthy and sustainable weight management. In our initial session, we will also brainstorm short term and long term goals together. 
  • Four (4) follow up sessions: In each follow up, we will continue with necessary education and behavior change modifications needed to continue working towards your personalized goals. 
  • Weekly check ins: Your Dietitian will check in on you throughout the week to provide additional support and guidance as needed. 
  • Unlimited support via email and client portal messaging: Throughout the length of your program, you will have unlimited support via email and the messaging feature on your client portal. Accountability is key when it comes to making lifestyle adjustments and changes, that is why Your Dancing Dietitian is here for you throughout your whole program! 

Not sure if The Amplified Athlete Program is for you?

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