Group Nutrition seminars

Nutrition for dancers is often overlooked when looking at the whole circle of a dancer’s training. There are limited resources for dancers in regard to proper nutrition and body positivity. Growing up a dancer, my training lacked the nutrition aspect tremendously. Providing dancers and athletes the ability to learn and extend upon their nutrition, health, and wellness allows them to have a more successful dance career and feel more confident in their bodies. 

your dancing dietitian offers fully customizable seminar packages that can help your dancers feel stronger and take their dance training and physical ability to the next level!

Popular topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Nutrition for dancers 101
  • Pre and post performance nutrition 
  • Nutrition for the off season
  • Competition season nutrition 
  • Audition season nutrition  
  • Nutrition for collegiate level dancers juggling dance, academics, and college life
  •  Reducing injury risk through nutrition
  • Reducing fatigue and optimizing stamina with nutrition
  • Body positivity and food relationships 

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