Learn how to take your dancing to the next level and become a Top Notch Dancer! Optimize your nutrition, become a stronger dancer, enhance your performance, increase your stamina, and become more confident!
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The Top Notch Dancer Program

The Top Notch Dancer Program is for dancers, retired dancers, recreational dancers, professional dancers, pre-professional dancers, dance teachers and educators, and dance parents of all ages and levels. It is designed to teach dancers how to take their dancing to the next level with optimal nutrition, learn how to adequately fuel their bodies and understand the unique needs of their very active bodies, and learn how to adapt healthy relationships with foods rather than restrictive relationships with foods! 

After completion of the top notch dancer program you will..

Know how to fuel your body  to help with increased endurance and stamina as well as how to fuel your body for muscle recovery!

Understand your personalized energy and nutrition needs based on your body and understand how to provide your body with these needs!

Have the confidence to successfully build healthy and well-balanced meals that will energize you through long days of dancing! 

Be able to distinguish foods that are better for pre performance and those that are better for post performance!

Be able to stay away from the fad diets that may have got you caught up in the past and know how to apply healthy lifestyles to maintain a healthy weight!

Have the confidence, energy, and healthy relationships you deserve that will serve you through your dance career and beyond!

Discover which Top Notch Dancer e-course is best for you

The Exclusive Dancer Program

The VIP Dancer Program

  • Online course with 25+ lessons taught with video guidance. 
  • Fully virtual with perks of being able to complete at your own pace from the comfort of your own home or the dance studio.
  • Lifetime access to course content and all information that is included in the course.
  • Workbook, journaling, or education checks after each lesson.
  • Printable nutritional resources to keep in your dance bag. 
  • Weekly recipes suitable for dancer’s busy schedules. 
  • Meal planning guidance and examples provided weekly.
  • Access to all of Your Dancing Dietitian bonus resources. 
  • Access to Your Dancing Dietitian’s Top Notch Dancer private Facebook group.
  • Access to exclusive Q&A sessions with Your Dancing Dietitian with other Top Notch Dancers. 
  • Includes everything in the Exclusive Dancer Program. 
  • Plus these additional perks and resources:
  • Personalized dancer profile with food, mood, and physical activity journaling PLUS Food log reviews completed by Your Dancing Dietitian throughout the time span of your program ($480 value). 
  • UNLIMITED email access to Your Dancing Dietitian via your personalized dancer profile (priceless). 
  • 4 follow up sessions (up to 30 minutes) with Your Dancing Dietitian scheduled as you wish throughout your course curriculum ($360 value).
  •  *All YDD one-on-one nutrition coaching programs and maintenance programs offered at a 50% off discount to VIP Dancer Program members! 

Course Curriculum and Topics Covered

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Take a Look Inside the Top Notch Dancer Programs

The Top Notch Dancer Programs are for those who..

The Top Notch Dancer Programs Are NOT for those who..

  • Are dancers, dance educators and teachers, retired dancers, dance parents, and many others!
  • Are ready to start building healthy relationships with food.
  • Strive to feel energized throughout a day of classes and rehearsals.
  • Are unsure about what exactly their bodies need as dancers and athletes.
  • Want to learn about healthy and sustainable weight management.
  • Struggle with finding self-confidence and feel like they have to eat and look a certain way.
  • Want a longer, more successful dace career with optimal nutrition.
  • Have a goal of learning how to prevent injury by adequately fueling the body.
  • Want to feel happier, stronger, and positive about their body and what they are consuming as dancers as athletes.
  • Want the next best juice cleanse or fad diet to help them look a certain way.
  • Think that they know everything about nutrition and how to properly fuel their body.
  • Want a quick fix and just short term results. 
  • Don’t strive to fix their relationships with food.
  • Are content with their dance ability and don’t think that food can positively impact their physical ability and technique. 

Are you ready to take the leap

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