Do you feel unsure about how to fuel your body as a dancer?

Do you feel like you have to "diet" to maintain a certain body type?

Are you confused about what foods will better your performance?

Are you scared of certain foods or food groups?

Do you feel overwhelm when thinking about what you should or shouldn't be eating?

 At one point in my career, I answered YES to every single one of these questions. I was restricting myself of certain food groups, I was restricting myself from my favorite sweets and treats, and I was totally confused about what foods were needed to properly fuel myself! As a dancer throughout college and dancing countless hours, I found myself constantly wishing I had more energy to get me through just another hour of rehearsal or another performance weekend. At the time, I contributed my lack of energy to “being so busy”. The constant go go go of being a dancer certainly is exhausting, but most of my exhaustion was due to LACK OF FOOD!

After starting my studies in the nutrition field, I soon realized that I had the wrong thoughts and mentality about food all along! I learned how to energize my body so that I wasn’t exhausted after the first night of a performance weekend and so I wasn’t exhausted before my daily rehearsals even started. If only 14 year old me knew this when I was dancing hours and hours at competitions and conventions! 

Picture your current self, but with the knowledge of how to properly fuel your body in healthy ways that will OPTIMIZE your dancing and training

As Your Dancing Dietitian, I am here to teach you what I wish I knew when I was in your shoes! I want to share with you the ways that I have been able to enhance my training and abilities as a dancer and athlete, how I have been able to take my performances to the next level by having the proper pre-performance fuel, and how I have been able to adapt healthy relationships with foods, so that I am no longer “afraid” of certain food groups.  

Learn how to incorporate foods from all food groups, become knowledgeable about what foods are best for pre and post rehearsal, class, or performance, learn about how much you should actually be consuming as a busy dancer, and clear the confusion that might be taking over when you think about nutrition for dancers! 

Are you ready to take the leap to becoming a top notch dancer and take your dancing to the next level?

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